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Apple iPhone X Release Date, Price, Specs & Review

Apple iPhone X Release Date, Price, Specs & Review. The new Apple iPhone X is going to show itself to the public. That is the new screen called Super Retina Display occupies the front. It is tactile throughout and only one hole is left uncovered where the handset and the front camera of the terminal are housed. Instead, to unlock the iPhone X will feature the new Face ID technology.  It uses a complete RA scanner called True Deph consisting of several sensors.

That recognizes your face from all angles even if it changes its appearance or light. If you wear glasses beard the phone recognizes the patterns of your camera with precision. The photos do not work to ‘cheat’ and you should either look at the screen or it will not work. In this case, you can always slide your finger as always, but you will face a custom PIN code.

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Apple iPhone X Release Date:

The announcement of the iPhone X, a smartphone with premium details was one of the most anticipated moments of the event. This is a phone with 5.8 OLED screens something that already offers the competition that is innovative within the universe Apple. It can be booked from October 27th and will be available from November 3rd. The gray and silver color Apple iPhone X will be available for your reservation on October 27 this year. The first units will arrive on November 3. In the month of September, 2017 the Apple brings their big budget smartphone, whose name is Apple iPhone 8 and it available in market.

Apple iPhone X Features, Specs & Review:

The iPhone X feature is a dual 12MP camera, which allows for a 2X optical zoom. It has optical stabilization in each of its lenses a telephoto. The iPhone X includes a function called an imoji that allows you to use some emojis to send voice notes via iMessage. It stands out because each emoticon will put your voice. It will execute the same movements and facial gestures that when you recorded them. The rear sensor of the Apple iPhone X is dual 12 MPX with wide angle to f1.8 and telephoto with f2.4 aperture. It has a flash of four True Tone Flash LEDs, portrait mode. That shares with the front camera now with more functions and filters. When capturing a video you will have a maximum resolution of 4K at 60 fps. You can get a slow motion effect with resolution 1080 to 240 fps.

Apple iPhone X Camera Picture

Its predecessor is water resistant and comes in two versions base with a screen 4.7 inches and a Plus version, with a display 5.5 inches. Apple iPhone X has wireless charging Qi standard and will be launched in three colors: silver, gray and gold. One of the aspects to highlight is that it does not have Home button and to go to the beginning you have to slide your finger up the screen.

This premium cell phone has 3 GB of RAM will come in two versions: 64 GB and 256 GB like as iPhone SE 2. It has an optical stabilizer, so you will not notice the tremors in your hand unless you shake it. Users can buy Apple iPhone X from November 2017.

It offers the possibility to unlock it with facial recognition. This technology is available from version 4.0 of Android. The company remarked that the tool has a high level of accuracy and offers a high level of security. This new tool, called Face ID, was trained with artificial intelligence, to achieve a high level of accuracy. According to the company, the possibility of making a mistake is one in a million.

Apple iPhone X

Apple iPhone X Price:

The iPhone X is the top of the company and given its capabilities and specifications above is not a cheap smartphone. It will be sold starting at USD 999. It will come with iOS 11 installed and there will be several versions according to its internal space of 64 or 256 GB and will cost 1,159 and $ 1594.59 respectively.

Finally, the company said that biometric data is stored and processed on the phone and no external servers are used. Face ID can also be used to authenticate payments, in countries where this option is enabled. For this new product, Apple will bet on a facial recognition system that will work in the dark and another one of unlocking through the fingerprint. It will also incorporate wireless charging and touch buttons that will suit the applications.

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