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Essential Phone PH-1 Price, Specs, Features & Review

Essential Phone PH-1 is the first device of the new startup of Android founder. It will be most eye-catching feature is its screen essentially without bezels. It runs against the top and sides of the phone, leaving only a little bezel on the bottom. The Essential Phone will clearly work with Android. This promises that the Essential Phone will have two years of software update and three years of update security patches.

Essential Phone PH-1 Release Date:

We will not get in hand Essential Phone PH-1 before 2018. It will be available in market January 2018, which is the approximate date.

Essential Phone PH-1 Picture

Essential Phone PH-1 Features:

At the bottom, there is a single speaker, a USB-C port and a SIM card slot. There is no headphone jack, but the phone comes with a USB-Ca-3.5mm adapter, as well as a USB-C cable with a fast charging adapter. The phone is not waterproof. The tall, thin screens are already in vogue, and the Essential Phone 5.7 “display has a unique aspect ratio of 19:10, which is narrower than the older 16: 9 phones. The resolution of 2,560 by 1,312 pixels is also unique. The LCD has magnificently rich colors, almost AMOLED level. Accessories are fitted with magnets. The first is a 360-degree camera, which we have not yet tested. You will also see a loading dock. We are excited about the potential of accessories, but we will not recommend a phone based accessories we have not seen.

Essential Phone PH-1 Android and Performance:

In this smartphone Qualcomm 835 processor, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage space, USB Type C connector. It will be with a fast charge of 3040 mAh battery, plus a discounted Android 7 Nougat operating system. We turn the terminal around and see a double camera that now takes a lot with twin 13 Megapixel sensors with aperture f / 1.85.

Essential Phone PH-1 Image

Essential Phone PH-1 Camera and image quality:

The Essential Phone comes with dual 13MP lenses on the back, a color and a monochrome, as well as a shooting range of 8 meters from the front. Dual cameras are a Qualcomm Clear Sight configuration designed to enhance contrast and low-light performance. Clear Sight takes advantage of the fact that without a color filter. The lens of a camera can capture more light. Thus, the black and white lens captures the fine details and the color sensor fills the colors.  Rear cameras record video from 4K to 30 fps even in low light, and the front camera records smooth 1080p video at 30 fps. Images taken with the front camera are even for the course of a high-end smartphone. The low-light performance is boosted by the default selfie flash, which blinks on the screen before you take an image. In very dim light, the images get a bit noisy, but they stay passable.

Essential PH-1

The front camera creates a notch on the screen, as you can see below. It does not affect the performance of applications. The headset and the alert LED are built on the top edge of the phone, looking forward. The PH-1 measures 5.6 x 2.8 x 0.3 “(HWD) and weighs 184 grams 6.5 ounces more than most of its competitors. Our model has a glass front and a mirrored black ceramic back. There is also a white model, with gray and blue-green versions. The fingerprint scanner on the back is separate from the power button on the side. An update of the Essential Phone software, just before the launch, vaulted its calling operation from downright bad to acceptably decent. That really demonstrates the difference that the firmware can make, and we expect new improvements over time.

Essential Phone PH-1 Price:

The unlocked version will cost $ 700, while the Sprint version will cost $ 750. These prices are somewhat strange since usually unlocked phones cost more than the versions for specific operators.

Essential Phone PH-1


Essential Phone is a good first try. Essential is well-funded, and if iterated quickly, it could be a strong competitor. The Essential Phone PH-1 is a version 1.0, a first phone from a brand new company and show. It can be a physically smooth slab of glass and titanium with powerful hardware, but from a software perspective, it remains rough around the edges. Hopefully, additional firmware upgrades can further improve camera performance.

Updated: October 2, 2017 — 9:48 pm

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