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Huawei Honor 11 Release Date, Price, Specs & Features Rumored

Huawei Honor 11 Release Date, Price, Specs Features & Rumors! The Honor is a peculiar manufacturer. It emerged as Huawei’s second brand. The company achieved popularity in certain sectors of its parent company independent as a brand. Currently, it has much in common with smartphones with the Chinese giant. Especially in the high-end where models such as the Honor V10 offer many expensive competitors. The bottom of the catalog is also important for brands. The honor will present details about the Huawei Honor 11. The next Honor device would be excellent. Visually the Honor 11 is very nice and the back, almost mirror, gives a mobile look much more expensive but also includes special features.

Huawei Honor 11 Release Date:

This 2018 is the year chosen by all the brands to publish their smartphones. We have seen the schedule in recent times in the high range of their more modest smartphones. The Huawei Honor 11 flagship schedule is October 2018 to release the device in the market same to Motorola Moto G7.

Huawei Honor 11

Huawei Honor 11 Full Specifications & Features Rumored:

This model employs on full-screen design. The 5.8 inches helps to be very comfortable to match in your hand. The resolution is Full HD that is, 2160 x 1080 px. We can change it to set it as in intelligent mode if we want the battery to give us more autonomy. The Honor 11 can boast a modern aesthetic, with a front with very contained edges. A large elongated screen nevertheless does not make anything uncomfortable, surely for its diagonal display. In the back is where we have the fingerprint sensor and in the lower area. The 3.5 mm audio jack may keep with the micro USB charger. It should mount the USB Type C connector, which offers better performance.

Honor has used almost without exception Huawei processors in their designs. The manufacturer will put Kirin 975 processor in Honor 11. The chip of mid-range meets to give power to applications and games. That denotes that it is not up to other similar chips of other brands. This is seen especially when opening applications and games and not so much while we use them. It is something that we cannot blame a cheap mobile. That makes us think if it is not worth spending a little more and make the leap to other types of terminals.

The advance memory will include the 8 RAM and internal 128 GB memory respectively. That we have sometimes been scared of, especially since the Huawei layer uses resources from both sides. Honor has chosen OS Android 9.0 to add the latest version. The possibility of using mobile payments is present thanks to the inclusion of an NFC chip. It has left us with a bad taste saying that the Wi-Fi connection has to be made only through the 2.4 GHz protocol. There is a doubt of capacity to connect to networks of 5G. It shows when browsing or watching videos. The synthetic tests of benchmarks do not make much sense in the day. Many readers value knowing the figures that the mobiles arrive at. Something that is a success and that makes many rivals of the same price range in comparison.

The battery of this terminal will be charged by wireless charging module. Honor has always worked well in this aspect thanks to an aggressive use of the restriction of energy expenditure in the background. Rumors say it would have come perfectly with strong battery backup capacity. Having listened to podcasts and made photos, actions that spend enough battery. If we use it, less we can reach two days of autonomy. The Huawei Honor 11 GSMArena boasts double 34 MP rear cameras. These will support 8X optical zoom lens effective. The single secondary camera will have 21 MP lens with the supports of soft self-porting by 1440 P video capture. The photographs section may be very attractive surprise with 4K video recording, PDAF phase focus.

Huawei Honor 11 Price:

There are many possibilities to include reading mode and programming. We can change the color of the screen and turn on the application. We notice one of the changes, this is the device is IP68 water resistance. Huawei Honor 11 price will not exceed the rate of 600 dollars.

Updated: June 29, 2018 — 9:06 pm

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