iOS 12 Release Date, Features, News – What’s New in iOS 12?


iOS 12 Release Date, Features, Specs – What’s New in iOS 12? The details have become known what we will see in iOS 12. We noticed something about the performance and reliability of the next version of the operating system. According to Axios Apple’s software has shared what will be Apple’s plans related to the iOS version. It will launch in 2018. According to the source, the most likely thing is that iOS 12 focuses mainly on performance and reliability, leaving a little news. Apple has announced the plans for a meeting. That took place during the first days of January. Apple’s decision could be related to the inconveniences. With the security, way the company handles battery problems in older devices.

iOS 12 Release Date:

The focus of iOS 12 will be improvements in stability, security, performance, and efficiency. That is rather than in the announcement of a new series of features, after many criticisms of the failures in iOS 11. Apple will focus 2018 on making iOS a faster and safer operating system, instead of adding new features, according to an Axios report. This means that some of the plans for this year will be delayed and will be launched in 2019.

iOS 12 Features:

Apple has received severe criticism during the last months after the release of iOS 11. Apple started a battery replacement program at a significantly reduced price worldwide on all phones starting with the iPhone 6. iOS 12 is a new version of the operating system that changes its name regardless of the news it brings. Remember that iOS 8, for example, was an improvement of iOS 7. It could have been perfectly iOS 7.5 but Apple decided to give a new number. With the iOS version, we may see something similar: stability improvements and some minor novelty announced by the top under the name of iOS 12. If Apple keeps the tradition, surely we will see some changes in what we know today as iOS 11. The focus may be the common development of applications with the unification of the same binary development.

It is believed that Apple will focus its efforts on boasting of the photographic section. Aspects such as resource management, implementation of Artificial Intelligence advances. The improvements aimed at connecting with vehicles through the CarPlay system. A feature that has already transcended is that Apple will add a function to open smart doors. For this, the software will involve a release of the NFC chip. This is responsible for wireless actions such as mobile payment. This is expected the next iPhone may be able, among other things, to unlock the lock of your room in a hotel. With that, in turn, implies a series of agreements of use with different tourist chains.

iOS approaches the strategy of updating macOS:

After the launch of macOS Leopard, an update strategy was initiated. The following year the focus is on improvements in performance, safety, efficiency, and stability. That is why the next version of the operating system was Snow Leopard. Rumors indicate that iOS news that includes an update of the home screen. User interfaces in the car, as well as improvements in basic applications such as Mail and Photos, would be postponed. We will have new features that include improvements in augmented reality, health, and parental control.

Few ideas have transcended with respect to future updates of MacOS and Watches. The operating systems will support computers and Apple Watch, respectively. Apple will make the iPhone more responsive and less likely to cause customer support problems. Now we are just talking about rumors. Because the Cupertino firm has not made any official announcement related to what will bring us iOS 12. We will have to wait a few months to know if indeed this time the operating system will be more focused on performance. Or if on the contrary, it will continue throwing great novelties.

It is expected the retina technology screens will be incorporated and its components updated. Some new features will come to iOS 12, especially in the field of augmented reality. Other improvements like improvements in the interface when driving. iOS is already an operating system popular enough to have its own name with each new version. The clearest example is in mac OS. It is each year receives a new name together.


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