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LG G7 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Rumors, News, Image


LG G7 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Concept, Design, Rumors, News, First Looks, Hands On Review Picture and Official Image. The entire world has their eyes locked on the upcoming Apple and Samsung’s flagship smartphone. Meantime, there are other brands like LG who are also ready to conquer the world with their latest device, the LG G7. Unlike the big players in the business, LG doesn’t have the hype going for them and obviously being overshadowed.

But what we’ve seen so far as rumors go, the latest mobile device from the other South Korean brand seems to be impressive. So, here today, we are going to go through some of the possible aspects about the imminent LG G series device. And who knows, probably at the end of it, you might fancy this one over the big player’s devices.

LG G7 Latest News: (Update: 09/12/2017)

LG G7 might come with an advanced iris scanner

In the month of 8th December, 2017 the most popular Tech Review website GSMarena.com confirm that, the LG G7 comes with an advanced iris scanner, which help you unlock the device very easily and make protect sensitive information. The iris scanner checks the biometric characteristics of the eye and sets up with a dark screen and a light screen, since the iris changes in size, depending on how much light gets to it. Then the sensor will check what are you looking at and if you are the owner of the phone, the sensitive app will be available for opening.

LG G7 Release Date:

The South Korean company is ready to launch a new device at this years IFA which will be held on 31st August. But that launch event is meant for the LG V40. About which probably you might have heard or read as it wasn’t kept a secret by the brand. However, if you were expecting the LG G7 to be introduced that day, then now you know it won’t be.

The LG G7 flagship device from LG will probably be launched just before the MWC next year. That was the plan until things have changed in the last few days. As sources from Korea says LG is planning to launch earlier than that and may announce the G7 in January. It’s something that can’t be ruled out as LG wants to move ahead of their rivals Samsung before they come up with their Samsung Galaxy S9.

Moving the launch date for their device seems quite reasonable, as the Smartphone market is competitive. And LG once to pounce on the opportunity to get as early as into the market to make the most of it. So, probably we are looking into a January announcement, while you will get your hands on one by the next month or so.

LG G7 Features, Specification & Rumors:

There isn’t much going on when it comes to the rumors about the possible specs of the LG G7. There are some but as we know we can’t be naive to believe every one of them. However, some rumors are being seen time after time. So, there is a good possibility some of them likely to become reality.

Like the rumored in-display fingerprint sensor. In the previous LG models, we’ve had the fingerprint sensor, but in the back. But this time it might get in the front underneath the display. And it seems likely to be true, as it’s a recurring theme going on with most devices coming next year.

There will be a major upgrade in the processor with the LG G7. This will be the first phone to reach the market with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor. Obviously, beating their rival South Korean brand to the punch. Right now, the G6 model is running on a Snapdragon 821. And they will take this two levels up with the 845 processor. As it is said to be 30% more powerful than current Snapdragon 835.

You can also expect a better screen in the upcoming device. As LG will substitute their current display with OLED, which is a demand of time. And who better to know that then LG itself. As they are the one doing wonders with this technology. So, if you don’t know, they are the first brand ever to successfully manufacture a 77-inch 4K resolution OLED display, which by the way is transparent and flexible at the same time. Now, people will expect to see a glimpse of it in their latest flagship device.

That’s all we’ve got till now about its specs. Hopefully, some more information will come in our way as the days of the announcement is getting closer.

LG G7 Big Features:

The upcoming device might have some big surprises. Till this moment we can expect the IRIS scanner to be in the LG G7. As it has become quite standard in current high-end devices.

But the most exciting feature that the G7 will come with is probably the IR blaster. Those who don’t follow LG should know that this is a sensor. With this, you can control home appliances that require remotes.

There will be a ton of new features in the device for sure. Hopefully, we will get to know about them too real soon.

LG G7 Price:

The price of the LG G7 is a mystery, and it should be as it is still months away from being announced. Plus, we’ve hardly any information to figure out how much it might cost to get one?

But if we take notes from past devices of the brand, then we can hope to see a device that would cost us anywhere between £649 to £700. Similar to the G6 which was priced around that mark. However, it is all based on speculations and the current market. So, we can’t be sure until the announcement is made.

What can we hope from LG G7?

LG as a smartphone brand has been around for some time, but can’t make it to the top. And it’s hard to do when you’re in such a competitive marketplace. You have to innovate and outdo others all the time.

While LG tried to do so and failed badly with devices like the G5. But they also have shown their grit with a device like the current G6. And they want to keep that good work up with the upcoming LG G7. From what we’ve witnessed so far, they have a great device on hand. And this might be the device, that will help them put their mark on the market.

Final Say about LG G7:

It hasn’t been that long since the G6 came into the market. Which might be the reason, we’ve seen so little information about the forthcoming LG G7. Hopefully, that would change in the next few days as the clock runs down to the possible announcement date.

So, sit tight and keep your eyes open for latest information and rumors speculating about the next G-series mobile device from LG. As we will update keep you updated.



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