LG V50 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Rumors, News


LG V50 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Rumors, News! The LG V50 will be one of the next Korean giant LG phones.  The rumors always circulate the network, about the LG V50. It is that the new Smartphone of this company would lead its mobile line with what it would bring to the market. We are referring to the flagship innovation announced a year ago at IFA. According to the information circulating, the LG V50 will come out on a strategic date for the sale.

The telephony boom was that terminals had an integrated camera. The evolution of the market demands more and more. The mobile has new functions such as facial recognition mode can only be achieved with two cameras on the front and rear. But LG wants to go a step further and it is likely that the LG new mobile has five cameras.

LG V50 Release Date:

If everything goes as planned, we would have more news about the LG V50, for the next year. It is that the presentation of the Smartphone in an event with the intention. Therefore, we could continue to see advances in the new Smartphone LG headrest. This model will be on the market after this year.  The LG V50 is expected to land in world markets at some point in 2019. But the exact date is still unknown.

LG V50

LG V50 Full Specifications & Features Rumored:

As for the screen of this LG V50, it will offer a 6.0 inches AMOLED screen with the 4K resolution of 2160 x 3840 pixels. Specifically, it will be compatible with bezel-less screen and slim metal frames.  LG joins the trends with the triple back cameras. That it will have sensors of dual 25 MP + 16 MP and a 41 MP sensor with 12X Zoom at 30 fps. The front camera is composed of dual 20 MP + 8 MP secondary lenses with a focal aperture, and OIS and PDAF system.  Some indications point to an angular and a telephoto on these photographic sensors. The internal space or the battery, users want a mobile makes some luxury photos. In LG, they have this concept quite clearly. On the other hand, we are sure LG V50 will carry the three remaining lenses at the backside.

The rumors advise the processor would be Snapdragon 855. That will give power to Google’s virtual assistant and the entire operating system. In the back part, there will be a fingerprint scanner. As for its performance, it will move all Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 with 8 GB / 10 GB RAM and 128 GB / 256 GB / 512 GB ROM depending on the version. The battery that will house will be 6000 mAh without the possibility of extracting it. The device will have an IP68 certification against dust and water. So the resistance of the screen will come from Corning Gorilla Glass IP68.

The available colors for this mobile may be; blue, red, and black. Samsung Galaxy S10 or iPhone 11 is the maximum exponents of those smartphones with the double frontal sensor. That is the case of the Korean company will work in the same way. The most fundamental thing will be the 3D facial scan that one of the sensors will provide. From this, a concern arises will this facial scan replace the fingerprint reader. We hope that both live together in the device. It will have Face ID Scanner technology for facial recognition, a function increasingly used to unlock the mobile.

The 90% occupancy screen would not discard the notch. However, something that has strongly attracted attention is that this would be the OLED type. It is that thanks to the notch, it will be able to occupy 90% of the front space of the Smartphone. According to rumors, the terminal will support Quick Charge technology.

LG V50 Price:

We need to wait only for confirmation of these data and technical specifications. This is to know if we are facing a terminal with what would be the best lenses of the moment will simply approach what we have already seen. We are going to get this Smartphone with the approximate price of about $1000. We will keep an eye on the movements of the company until they present the smartphone.


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