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Nokia 9 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features & Rumors News

Once mobile market leader Nokia is truly back in the smartphone business. As they have learned from their mistakes in the past and understood today’s demand by launching a new range of Smartphones that are powered by the purest form of the Android operating system. And as you know, a couple of them already reached the market and sold like hotcakes. But Nokia isn’t resting on their laurels as they want to keep the ball rolling with their flagship device, the Nokia 9.

The Finnish brand still has a mass following due to their past reputation. And that’s a fact, because this is one upcoming flagship device, that is making as much buzz as any of the current market leaders upcoming devices. Therefore, we can’t take our eyes off it and did some digging to give you guys all the latest rumors about the imminent Nokia smartphone.

Nokia 9 Release Date:

In a recent event held by the company in London, the latest Nokia 8 was presented to the world. Which is currently the most high-end device of the brand. However, like me, everyone was expecting to get a glimpse, or at least to know some significant details about the Nokia 9. But to everyone’s disappointment, there was no outing of such sort.

Nokia 9

Also, they didn’t give away any possible dates of its introduction. So, there is a lot of confusion going on about its release date. Many are speculating that they will do it in IFA which is right around the corner. However, there is no strong evidence to that news. As no one knows about any press conference that might be held in the event by Nokia.

So, if things don’t change before the upcoming IFA, then we are looking to a possible release at MWC. That means we still have more than 5 months on our hand to catch a glimpse of it. However, there isn’t anything fixed by the way, and these are all possible cases. So, we will keep you updated with the latest date of its arrival as soon as we get it.

Nokia 9 Rumored Specs:

Nokia 9 is considered to be an upgraded version of their upcoming Nokia 8 which will be available in the market this September. So, as we can imagine, the specs will be quite similar with some tiny changes. Let’s see some of its basic specs.

The smartphone will be equipped with a Snapdragon 835 processor, which has become an obvious choice for recent flagship devices. However, the big changes we will get to see in storage and its RAM. While the Nokia 8 has a 64 GB storage with 4 GB RAM’s at its disposal. The upcoming device from Nokia will up the ante with a standard 128 GB storage and 2 extra RAM’s for a faster mobile experience.

Now, these aren’t the type of things that make people go crazy. And the brand knows that better than anyone and has some tricks on their own to win over the market. For instance, the device will have Carl Zeiss cameras on it. You will get two rear cameras and one front camera. Right now, Nokia’s new device that will reach the market the next month has 13 MP cameras both at back at the front. So, with the 9 we can hope to see something similar or even better.

Pretty much everything will remain same in Nokia’s next big flagship device like their current model. The big changes that we will see might come in the display. The current 8 model 5.3-inch display with a 16:9 panel. But the 9 model will boast a 5.7-inch display with 18:9-panel design. So, the end product would seem like the latest Samsung 8 as it would also have a full-screen display at the front. That is something people wished to see in the Nokia 8, but as you know that didn’t happen. Also, we might get to see iris scanner in the next year’s flagship of Nokia.

Nokia 9 Rumored Price:

Nokia has confirmed the price of their latest Nokia 8 model in Europe. As we know it will be sold for 599 euros. So, probably in the UK market, you’ve to pay something around 549 pounds or so. This is important to know as we are trying to figure out how much the Nokia 9 would cost?

As you already know by now, the two models have similar specifications with some minor updates. And taking those updates in account we believe the upcoming 9 model of Nokia with 128 GB storage capability will cost somewhere close to 634 pounds. While for the 256 GB model you have to pay 100 pounds more. A high-end Android smartphone with those price points seems quite fair. Especially, for a brand that has been doing quite well in recent times after coming back from their disastrous adventures in the past.

Nokia 9 picture

Why consider Nokia 9 over other flagships?

This is one difficult question that you have to ask yourself. Why consider buying this smartphone while there are so many others? From our perspective, there are 3 obvious reasons why the Nokia 9 tops others.

First one is their uniqueness. The brand has worked to make themselves different from other flagships. While the specs might seem similar to all other brands. But the day to day experience with Nokia smartphone is something you will enjoy.

Build quality of Nokia is something that made the brand what it was in the past. And that’s one big reason why still people remember the brand. They know that better than anyone and so they are playing to their strengths by offering smartphones that seem quite indestructible.

And the very last reason is that this time you will get to experience Android the way it was meant to be. Unlike the past, they didn’t go half-ass and providing smartphones with purest Android OS. A reason that is enough to make them a contender.

Final Say about Nokia 9:

Nokia is evolving as a Smartphone brand, and that can be witnessed in all their latest products. Currently, they are doing impeccable business and gaining some momentum within this tough market which is an amazing feat. And they want to keep that going with the upcoming days with their Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 devices too.

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