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Nokia Customer Support Number, Live Chat & Office Address

Nokia became the world’s leading provider of mobile phones from 1998 to 2007. Nokia is a multinational company of Finnish origin dedicated to the world of telecommunications. At present Nokia’s main products are mobile phones, smartphones, accessories for these and IT devices. Microsoft acquired the mobile phone division in 2014. Nokia was a worldwide pioneer in the manufacture of mobile phones. The problem today is that it has not been able to evolve and adapt to the market demanded. If you are a Nokia smartphone holder, you can call the Nokia customer Support service to be taken care by an agent. From their website, they recommend to locate. Point the IMEI number of the mobile in advance so that the agent can identify the device.

The Nokia Care is available for any questions or technical problems with any of its phones. In this service, you can contact the different points of Nokia Care Point. Users who need help in those hours when the service is not available can send an email to the option “Send us an email” that will be answered by the agents of the Contact Center upon receipt.

Nokia Logo

Nokia Head Office Contact Number & Address:

  • Visiting address: Karaportti 3 02610 Espoo, Finland.
  • Postal address P.O.Box 226, FI-00045 Nokia Group.
  • +358 10 44 88 000.
  • +358 10 44 81 002.

Nokia Technologies Head Office Address & Contact Number:

  • Postal Address: 200 S. Mathilda Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94086, USA.
  • +1 408 737 0900.

All Nokia Technologies Office Contact Number & Address:

San Francisco

Nokia Technologies 15th floor
101 2nd Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
United States


Nokia Building
200 South Mathilda Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
United States
phone: +1 408 737 0900


Broers Building
21 J J Thomson Avenue Madingley Road
Cambridge CB3 0FA United Kingdom
phone: +44 1223 435800


Karaportti 4, 02610
Espoo, Finland
phone: +358 50 409 3034


Hatanpään valtatie 30, 33100
Tampere, Finland
phone: +358 50 381 2846


Kaapelitie 4
90620 OULU
Tel. +358 71400 3001

How Does Nokia Oline Live Chat Work?

First, it is necessary to check the availability of the service, according to its schedules. If Nokia Chat Care is open, the access widget will be displayed in green color. It will appear in red color, if it is outside the stipulated time or if the agents are busy.

Digital Nokia Customer Service By Live Chat Online:

Nokia extends the support options for its users with a new Chat. From which the agents of its contact center will solve doubts and problems in real time. Terminal users Nokia have a new point of support in the Nokia Care Chat. Customer service recently opened through chat that the company launched in our country. For example, if a user needs help installing new applications on their Nokia Lumia. You can contact Nokia Customer Care Chat from the contact us section of the Nokia Support Page. If available, the service widget is shown in green and red outside the stipulated time. If the agent in charge of this Nokia SAC is, busy.

How to Start Nokia Care Support By Live Chat?

First, you need to go the Nokia Customer Support official Page by click this Link. After entering this link, you will get big page, just scroll down and find the same page like as the below picture. Then, Click “Chat With Us” Option.

Nokia Care Live Chat

After clicking “Chat With Us” option, in below, new tap Open instantly same the below image, just fill up the form and click the “Start Chat” Option.

Nokia Customer Support Live Chat

All work done, you will eligible to contact available Nokia customer Care agent by live chat and solved your problem instantly. Here below the some detail information about Nokia Digital Customer Support by Live Chat Online.

Nokia Customer support online live chat in English

To start the conversation, you must press the “Start conversation” option with one of the following accounts. If the user does not have any in the same window, you can create a Nokia account. Once the session is started, a message will appear stating that it is queued waiting for the next available agent. As soon as you start processing, the request the conversation window will show the status “Connected”. It will remain so until one of the parts is disconnected. To provide a more agile support the service provides the possibility to transfer files in a unidirectional way. At the end of the session, the client can leave his opinion about the service, filling out a small questionnaire.

To send a message, you must start the conversation with an Ovi, Nokia or Facebook account. If you do not have any of the above, you can create a Nokia account in the same window. After logging in, a message informs that the user is queued, waiting for the next available agent. As soon as you start processing the request, the conversation window will show the status “Connected” and will remain so until one of the parts is disconnected. The service also includes the possibility of sending files to Nokia service agents, such as a photo of the phone. Nokia is one of the leading companies in the field of network infrastructure location-based technologies and advanced technologies. Since it’s recently sold, its part of Devices & Services dedicated to the manufacture of mobile phones to Microsoft its business is divided into Nokia Networks and Nokia Technologies.

Nokia offers a Customer Support service through different channels, from phone support to virtual support or in-person support by going to one of Nokia Care centers. Remember that you must identify your device with the serial number or IMEI when you make the call. Send an email to Nokia by contact form for inquiries and complaints. These forms can be found on the contact page on the Nokia website. The troubleshooter is the online help par excellence offered by Nokia. If you select the model of your device, you can download the user guide, as well as consult the different help topics that may be useful to solve your problem.

You can also use the Nokia support where you can share tips and suggestions with thousands of other Nokia users. If you want personal support, visit one the Nokia Care. A search engine is available on the website that shows you the contact information for each of these centers. The Finnish manufacturer’s repair centers are a great benefit that is sure that users are not willing to give up. Nokia’s is managing the warranty of its products when unexpected failures appear. The recent purchase by Microsoft has been able to generate some concern among the owners of devices Lumia, Asha and Nokia.

Microsoft has confirmed that the staff of the Nokia Care points will continue to operate. It is committed to ensuring contact as well as the channels. Microsoft will be responsible for any existing warranty where applicable from Nokia as a manufacturer. Every owner of a Lumia, Asha or Nokia terminal will enjoy the same customer service. That is in the usual places in the forums, in Twitter, in the Contact Centers and in the Nokia Care points. Now there is no intention to repair Microsoft products (such as an Xbox) in Nokia repair centers. Nor will Microsoft resellers repair Nokia handsets on their premises.

In principle, all this should not be surprising given that largely the law forces Microsoft to take responsibility for providing coverage to its customers, but it is still good that services and jobs will be maintained. Those who have already made use of the manufacturer’s warranty are grateful to be able to continue to take our Smartphone to the same sites. The world leader in Nokia mobile communications has opted for the services of Media fusion.

Marketing Tool:

Nokia will also have a powerful marketing tool based on an on-line statistics system in real time. By which Nokia can have control over critical data such as the number of calls that have occurred or their duration and origin. The typology of each call can be evaluated to detect the most active provinces. Such as the peaks of calls in different schedules the duration of each connection, etc. The media fusion system will provide valuable information the operation of different promotional campaigns, acceptance of Club Nokia or effectiveness in customer service. With this initiative, Nokia provides its customers with complete information of easy and quick access. Through a simple and effective system through a unique number 902 offers, a segmented customer service that allows transmit a solid image while obtaining information of great relevance to plan your marketing, communication and technical support actions.

 Meet all customer requests and make:

Suggest alternatives that can give a solution to the customer. When appropriate, ask your peers and service point collaborators to resolve and avoid problems. Take the time to do the job properly. Do what is best and not what is easier. You are the commercial force that under the provision of your service. Your image is part of the benefit that we want to project the business protocol is established in three stage protocol as an individual. Where our behavior is regulated both inside and outside the company.

According to a study by Nokia, 60% of the incidents recorded on the mobiles are mechanical or software and can be solved on the spot at these points. If the problem requires more extensive repair (more than one hour) the terminal is sent to Nokia’s central technical service. A replacement terminal is offered to the customer on bail. You do not need a cash deposit, just a credit card guarantee they add from Nokia.

Nokia Customer Support Number:

Nokia offers a high quality telephone directory service when calling the number you must enter the extension that corresponds. Automatically one voicemail will tell you the Nokia customer service phone so you can call and make your inquiries without further delay. All customer service phones have been carefully searched. As a result, you can contact Nokia quickly and easily without having to look for Nokia customer service or phone help departments. It is a very simple Nokia team of professionals has collected all the database of telephone numbers of customer service of practically all the marks of the national territory. You do not need to look any further, we will offer you the Nokia customer service number.

Nokia Customer Support Hotline Number (24 hours Open): +1 888-665-4228

  • Nokia Head Office Contact Number: +358 10 44 88 000.
  • The Nokia Technologies Head Office Contact Number: +1 408 737 0900.
  • Nokia General Inquiries Helpline Number: +358 10 44 88 000.
  • The Nokia Media Contacts Hotline Number: +358 10 448 4900.

Complain about Nokia:

To make a claim to Nokia, we recommend that you contact Nokia Customer Service by telephone. Through our directory service, you can provide you with the Nokia phone number. Following the sale of the mobile device division to Microsoft 5 it is structured into three business groups: Nokia Networks (Telecommunications Networks), Here (Navigation Services and Maps) and Nokia Technologies (Consulting).

The technical service of Nokia made up of sections of software updates, downloads, user manuals, user forum, frequently asked questions and easy solutions. It also had the application of Nokia Care App help and with Nokia service centers. However, Microsoft currently provides all these services, through its web-based mobile devices and its Microsoft Store. The Microsoft mobile device website contains the latest mobile phone deals, special offers and editions of Lumia phones.

In the section mobile devices, you will find a catalog with all Lumia and Nokia phones X. In which you can filter the results according to preferences as a data entry typist or technical characteristics. The accessories section shows all available accessories such as housings, portable chargers, speakers, cases, etc. The applications section offers the possibility of downloading all the existing applications for Windows Phone, the Microsoft mobile operating system that use Lumia and Nokia X devices.

If you have a problem with your mobile phone, go to the support section and select your device for a personalized help. Now Microsoft gives Nokia technical service. Call Attention Phones and our agents will redirect your call to the Nokia technical service in seconds, for convenience and efficiency.  Here are the coordinates of Nokia customer support with its equivalent free phone number. This information has been found on the company’s website or in the Company’s Conditions of Sale. Internet users may have supplied it, let us know through the system available if the number worked correctly for us to correct in case it is necessary.

Remember that this web page is possible thanks to the collaboration of thousands of users. Who with their contributions and customer service ratings allow us to improve our database? So that you can find the phone number of the company, what you are looking for. You can contact when you need it. Nokia is one of the major manufacturers in the telecommunications sector. Its mobile phone division was sold to Microsoft a few years ago. The Nokia terminals incorporate the Windows Phone system. Technical Support Number you will be taken care by the Nokia technical support center to resolve any question. Nokia also provides a contact form with which you can send the company your doubts about its catalog of terminals.

Nokia Online Customer Support:

If you browse the Nokia website, you will find several support pages, for each of the models of the brand. Where more information related to the use of the devices to read as well as you can access the download of manuals. If your Nokia handset is not working properly, go to one of the Nokia Care centers throughout the country. You can find the location and the contact phone of your nearest Nokia Care center thanks to the search engine you will find on the website of this manufacturer.

Nokia has established a route to 5G for operators. So that by using its 4.5G, 4.5G Pro and 4.9 technologies, advances and advances are offered. One of the benefits ​​that is associated with the purchase of a Nokia mobile phone. The support accompanies every device of the Finnish manufacturer. When purchasing a Nokia terminal, we obtain exclusive applications, periodic updates and a quality Technical Assistance Service. The Nokia SAT is comprised of an extensive network of repair centers called the Nokia Care Point. Their number seems to reduce considerably.

Nokia Customer Care Point:

Nokia is the manufacturer that is pulling the cart on the Windows Phone 8 operating system. The one has released more terminals and applications that are more exclusive. It even captures the announcements of future terminals for the platform. Its technical assistance service is one of the most valued for service and speed. Even without official data, it seems clear that the crisis has also hit one of the pillars of the support that gives Nokia to the users of their phones. If the pattern is repeated in other areas, whose supply is less? It may mean running out of the Nokia Care to attend.

As an alternative to direct dealing, large companies tend to replace it with on-line contact. Nokia has the help forum and Nokia Customer Care. Without being able to see the device its advice is too general and most of the time it ends up advising a technician to check the terminal. It is noted that they avoid saying that a problem is generalized. The user ends up finding the information that looks for in the answers of other participants or resorting to unofficial forums. As an example is the problems with Nokia Drive and GPS, applications that gave the ROM of Movi star. In Nokia Customer Care, they solved it in a few minutes without installing the free ROM of Nokia. Nokia was the world’s largest provider of mobile phones from 1998 to 2011.

In recent years, it has experienced a decline in market share because of the growing use of smartphones from other providers, mainly devices with the operating system Android from Google. Thanks to the professional Smart Network solution developed by Media fusion. Nokia customers will be able to access. Different types of telephone services such as the NOKIA Club network for the nearest establishment. Without waiting, combining a DTMF system based on the keys of the phone with the support offered by the Nokia Call Center.

Nokia wants to recover the lost market when it was the first company in mobile telephony. For the users satisfaction it is putting everything of its part to offer a better treatment to the client. It is trying to give them a solution as they can attest the owners of the Nokia Lumia. That does not stop seeing new updates to their terminals. There is still one of the most desirable is the one that will allow them to obtain internet sharing. Nokia has already confirmed that it will arrive soon. Nokia introduced three new customer service solutions, which include new client self-service software. New software for cognitive services each focused on high growth segments of the software and services market.

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