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Nokia P1 Release Date, Price, Specs & Review

Nokia has decided to go strong in the market once it becomes official announcement of the Nokia P1. Nokia dominion over its brand in the mobile market and that remarkable fact begins to generate noise on the internet. If you dropped the Nokia to the floor, you have to change the floor in question. Nokia comes back by the big door with its Nokia P1. It has some very good features that can clearly turn it into one of the great protagonists of this year. That incidentally, seems to be comes extremely interesting. It will be the first Nokia high-end cell phone and will feature Android. Nokia opted to leave aside the Windows Phone operating system. It will make it one of the best devices of 2017.

Nokia P1 Release Date:

The Nokia P1 will bring standard android in its interior. It is a smartphone quite juvenile and therefore economical. It is powerful at the height of what comes this year from other manufacturers. The Nokia P1 scheduled to run between February 27 and March 2. Nokia has already announced plans to hold a committed discussion preceding the show February 26.

Nokia P1

Nokia P1 Features, Specification & Review:

It has a screen of 5.3 inches with resolution of screen full HD and with processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. Its dimension is 5.3 inches. That is the best that exists until the moment in the RAM memory is 6 GB. The internal memory is 256 GB. The hybrid dual-SIM slot is on the left edge plus the volume and power buttons are on the right edge. It is made by MicroSD port, USB Type-C port, 3.5mm mini jack headphone jack. The screen is not going to be too big, but not too small. The inside everything is a fair enough size for many people.

The phone brings a 3500 mAh battery with support for fast charging. If we are going to see the power that has the mobile, it though neither exaggerates. A day with a moderate use can last the same without problems. The Nokia P1 Android Smartphone rear camera is 22.6-megapixel and come with IP57 certification for dust and water resistance. It is also protected by water resistance. It has extremely interesting features that make it a high-end mobile of the best on the market. The equipment is available in silver, gold and black colors.

On your right side, we would have the typical power buttons, volume control. A slightly lower button that could be dedicated exclusively to your main camera. On its back part, we will find the name of the company that would be embedded in its back cover, its main camera and three-led flash that could improve the photographs in low light. The design of this new terminal does not seem to be very prominent. Whenever the performance power of this terminal is correct, we do not think the design is one of the most important things. Even so, Nokia’s new terminal looks correct.

Nokia P1 Image, Picture, Wallpaper

Nokia P1 Price:

It is true that the Nokia P1 already has many cattle before making itself known. Since the usual marketing is not necessary by the power that maintains to mark yes. In this way, everything depends on the good work done with the device. However have a flagship with all this is not exactly cheap and it speaks that at least one version of this model would cost around $ 950 the 256 GB. The minor would be in lathes at $ 800. To put us in perspective, we must remember that the Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to come out at about 850 dollars a price similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 when it went on sale last year.

Finally, an important feature that we cannot overlook that is the Nokia P1 will come with IP57 water and dust certification. It will also incorporate a fingerprint sensor, possibly biometric. As all this is rumored that clearly, several have been confirmed we know that there is a possibility that it has resistance to water this would be one of the characteristics that would most attract the attention of users and have a fingerprint reader with ultrasonic technology. Now it seems that Nokia is finally organizing its landing on Android ™ on a large scale.

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