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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Concept, Design, Rumors, News


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Concept, Design, Rumors, News, First Looks, Hands on Review Image and Official Picture. The next phablet of the South Korean company will be lifted. The dances of reviews and analysis of the device will begin. It is easy to understand why the focus is on the future and looking for the possible features of the eighth Samsung phablet series. This phablet will be the first to introduce fingerprint recognition directly from the display without any keys or sensors aside. Designer Benjamin Geskin who posted it on his Twitter profile designed the Galaxy Note 9 in a veritable render. You cannot miss the Infinity Display.

In this case, we see now Samsung brand become an extreme version. A nice eye-catcher solution, but that could prove to be a winner in terms of user experience as well; many icons may find space at the edges of the screen. Yet it would require a heavy restyling of the Android interface by Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Release Date:

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 the phablet that will be presented in 2018 is already subject to attention by experts and designers. This is a concept, by very close to what will be the reality, more enveloping display and even more subtle frame. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is already underway South Korean companies can only hasten the time to work on the new top of the range. That is expected to make their debut in just over a year in the summer of 2018. Since it is necessary to work ahead of time, there is no doubt that the terminal is already in the advanced stage of development with different design ideas as well as technical features.

The design of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could count on a very good level of materials, not so much to be as wretched as it was seen in 2018. Indeed, it could have a similar design and a comparable basis, but with substantial differences. All in all, the technology incorporating the fingerprint scanner underneath the screen to overcome the uncomfortable back position.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Feature, Specs & Review:

It is clear that Samsung, with its AMOLED flexible screens, has the technology to cover. That feature of folding cell phones and meanwhile is taking advantage of reducing the edges of mobile phones. This kind of almost borderless screens and the other components that the company has integrated has led the South Korean to achieve record sales. It will contain 6GB of RAM and 64GB of expandable memory via microSD.

Android 9 with Samsung experience, S Pen, battery must be at least 3300 mAh. The challenge with competitors will also be based on dimensions, with a reduction compared to the current model of thickness. The fingerprint sensor is integrated into the front glass, a time-consuming solution for Samsung but for the moment not yet translated into facts.

A Samsung Galaxy S9 with Dual Rear Camera:

What is new will be the fingerprint sensor that will be placed under the display. Thanks to the new Qualcomm sensors that can also be used under the metal. The rear dual cam could receive a 12MP (Note8) upgrade to at least 16MP. The designer’s idea is very clear and very likely. The infinity display wraps even more the body of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The frames are even thinner. The display may have a 6.4-inch diagonal 4K according to Geskin. Already with a 6.3-inch QHD like that on, the Galaxy Note 8 it is plausible to think that battery life will be minimal. Let us figure with an even bigger display with an even bigger resolution.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price:

On the price of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 it is premature to say a little. However, considering how high that we could hypothesize the price will be about $1100. Among the unique software, capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 there will certainly be an improved version of Bixby will be more able to compete with Google and Siri Assistant.

We wonder if the dedicated button will still be there. It will improve the proprietary interface to take advantage of a wider and more responsive screen with widgets we will learn to know. We await further advances. The next Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be warmed up which will have even more performance a more demanding design to make it a whole screen and an excellent hardware like the Samsung Galaxy S9.



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