Vivo NEX Release Date, Price, Specs, Feature, News


Vivo NEX Release Date, Price, Specs, Feature, News! Vivo attracted the attention by the Vivo Apex at the Mobile World Congress last February. Especially its covered panel almost the whole body required the legislative body of a retractable front camera. We will describe about the new Vivo NEX features, Release Date and price. The Vivo NEX features has become of a filtration. The Vivo NEX will not come alone. Possibly, Vivo will even modify the device name.

We may see twin devices with two big differences will accompany it. Maybe Vivo NEX will remain the two variants with the name. We have seen how Vivo is positioning itself with the most impact in terms of innovation. It has been the first to put a fingerprint sensor on the screen in a commercial way. With this, Smartphone Vivo has shown how the next step in the design of mobile phones should be.

Vivo NEX Release Date:

We know that model was only a prototype there will be a commercial variant soon. Vivo has bet heavily on the technological future. It has just made official the presentation date of Vivo NEX. From the primary conception, it will now be more pleased to know that Vivo will announce the Vivo NEX on December 12. June. It will be released on June 12 with some design touches. It will be very similar to the incredible prototype that we were seeing.

Vivo NEX

Vivo NEX Full Specifications & Features:

We will be able to see for the first time Smartphone in the world with a ratio of almost 100% of the prominence of its display. The Vivo NEX has the incredible prototype with 98% screen on the front. The implementation of the fingerprint sensor in the lower half of the touch panel really surprised. Especially there was no space for anything. The premium features of this phone are such as 5.99-inch OLED screen with Full HD resolution. It will reach the market with a fingerprint reader in the lower half of the screen and a front motorized camera. We have seen the periscope style camera, which has not been seen in any other mobile.

Vivo NEX will get power from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. Inside you will have 8 GB of RAM with 256 GB ROM.  The company wants to incorporate Android 8.1 Oreo in this Smartphone. Everything you could expect from a full premium range phone. The position of the front camera of the Vivo NEX is too similar to the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S. The second device will mount SoC Snapdragon of the 710 series.

According to the published images, it has an intra-display piezoelectric headset and a posterior camera. It is possible that the Vivo NEX is worth it given the state of the art technology with variation Plus of Vivo APEX. The body of Vivo NEX is a little larger than that of Vivo APEX. We will get higher battery performance in this device. It is clear the appearance of a new sensor like as Xiaomi MI Mix style. This model also preserves the retractable 8 MP selfie shooter and dual rear 24 MP snapper camera.

Vivo NEX Image

There are three solutions proposed so far. Place the camera’s sensor in a tiny lower edge, and, now Vivo Nex places the camera in a notch, a small notch that goes towards the screen. Alternatively, make the camera retractable as we had seen in the concept of Vivo Apex. It is the same case for facial recognition sensors. The speaker on the front usually devoted to calls. If we discard the top notch or any other type of notch, another of the possible solutions was also presented to us with the APEX prototype. It has a system that makes the screen vibrates. That causes the reverberation of the sound through the facial bones. Vivo NEX will go on to feature entire into a 22.5 W charger.

Vivo NEX Price:

The screens into the great design bet of the next telephones. The necessary technology is finally available. The first brave manufacturers begin to launch their models. You just have to wait for the opinion of the market. Vivo NEX will reach a high price the figures will be above $1090. Vivo NEX S would be a smartphone of approximately US $ 780 but with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor.


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