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Xiaomi Mi 6C Release Date, Price, Specs, Features & News

With the appearance of this new Xiaomi Mi 6C many people ask if the manufacturer wants to set up part of that list that was broadcast. A few days ago, this same manufacturer presented a different model. It has an excellent configuration on the mobile phone. It became the ideal solution for those who wanted a cheap mobile device.

Specifics of the new Xiaomi Mi 6C a lot of news and rumors have been generated in the last hours. We dare not say that they are the official features because right now. The spreaders on the web are considered as rumors due to the large number of leaks unofficial that have been reported.

Xiaomi Mi 6C Release Date:

The market launch of a new phone always generates expectation and concerns in equal parts. This is the case of the Xiaomi Mi 6C. As we know, this terminal will reach the market at the end of this 2017.

Xiaomi Mi 6C

Xiaomi Mi 6C Features, Technical specifications & Latest Rumored News:

The Xiaomi Mi 6C phone is the new version of the Xiaomi Mi 5C. It came hand in hand with the company’s first processor the Surge S1. Specifically, this terminal will feature the Surge S2 processor a proprietary chip. Xiaomi is exploring this technology sector and will be aimed at the mid-range.

The own processor is called to be the protagonist of this phone.  Surge S2 is the result of the union of Xiaomi with Leap Core. The company in collaboration designed this processor with Leap core following a bit the wake of Huawei with its Kirin processors. There will be two versions of this phone: a 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM and 64GB of storage a more powerful 6GB of RAM and 128GB.

The chip is scheduled to enter production phase during this third quarter of the year and the Xiaomi Mi 6C goes on sale for Christmas. The idea of ​​the Chinese company is not only to incorporate the Surge S2 to its mobile terminals. In the filtered images of the Xiaomi Mi 6C, we see the terminal that has a design similar to the Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus includes four curves with 2.5D glass.

Xiaomi Mi 6C image

However, the most striking aspect of what we have seen so far is the double camera. The Chinese manufacturer is adding to its terminals regardless of the range. This is a clear example Xiaomi Mi 6C is a phone for medium ranges that will have a double camera of 12 megapixels IMX386 and a front of 5MP.

It would have a screen of 5.15 inches. On this screen, the resolution will be 1080p. There is still relevant information to rescue from this Xiaomi Mi 6C. The power of the battery would have the thickness of the model is striking. If it really is presented with 10 mm then it will involve a battery of great power. Its processor, it would be one of the Octa-Core types and inside. It would have two Quad-Core internals (each).

The first of them would be a Cortex A73 while the second a Cortex A53 it that are not exclusive to this one Xiaomi Mi 6C. Those other manufacturers have used them in their respective models. The image that we have placed a little above theoretically would belong to this Xiaomi Mi 6C. Where you can see a magnificent and elegant design thanks to the edges it has.

In the lower part, there is the presence of the loudspeaker grille and the micro USB port. The small 3.5 mm hole that we usually use for the headphones and microphone is not appreciated. If this model does not have this specification possibly users, have to use wireless headphones (Bluetooth).

Xiaomi Mi 6C Picture

Xiaomi Mi 6C Price:

This alternative did not represent a great expense for the user, because he had to pay approximately $ 300. We could hardly say that this element would be located on the upper edge because the standard does not recommend it in said position.

The most important part for all is surely the sale price. In these same rumors, it is said that the Xiaomi Mi 6C version with less RAM costs $ 297, this while the other model about $ 371. This terminal would have better specifications that unfortunately will involve a price that possibly exceeds $ 350.

Updated: November 1, 2017 — 6:47 pm

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