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Xiaomi Mi7 Release Date, Price, Specs, Design, Rumors, News


Xiaomi Mi7 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Concept, Design, First Looks, Rumors, News, Hands on Review Picture and Official Image. Xiaomi like many other Chinese smartphone brands has been doing some great work for the past couple of years. Especially, with their flagship MI series, the brand is reaching new heights of success. And in 2017, they produced another mega hit in the form of the latest Mi 6 smartphone. But as we know, they don’t have the luxury to sit back and enjoy the triumph as they know better than anyone that their competitors won’t. So, to keep this cat and mouse chase going, the company surely have started working on their upcoming device. In this case, that should be the Xiaomi Mi 7.

Like any other upcoming flagship device, the Xiaomi Mi7 is also under our radar. But we are quite invested in this one after hearing rumors that this device might turn the smartphone market upside down. And from what we’ve witnessed in the past, they are quite capable of pulling some big move over the heavyweights of the game. So, let’s see what the Beijing based company is up to with the Xiaomi Mi7.

Xiaomi Mi7 release date:

It is hard to say when Xiaomi will reveal their upcoming flagship device. But if we check the past record of the company, they love to have all the eyes on them. They don’t want to be in the mix with other companies and share the limelight. So, either they will introduce the device early or later in respect to Samsung, Apple and other big names.

However, we don’t believe they will try to reach the market earlier than their competitors. Instead, they would let the rest reveal their devices first and then join the rest after knowing what the cards the competitors have to play. And if that’s to be true, then we can hope to catch the first glance of Xiaomi Mi7 somewhere between April-May. And probably hit the market in the 2nd quarter of 2018. We just need to wait for some official confirmation to make sure if that’s what the company is planning to do.

Xiaomi Mi7 Features & Full Specification:

You should know by now that there is no information at all provided by the company about the Xiaomi Mi 7. So, all we got right now is rumors and some ideas of our own that probably we’re hoping to see in the 2018 Mi series device.

Let’s start from the screen. If you remember, last year Xiaomi showed us a concept phone named Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. A device flaunting a 6.4-inch display, but that wasn’t even the most impressive part. That’s because that big screen occupied the entire front of the device which was the real wonder. No buttons or unnecessary side space, just a big screen. So obviously, we all hoped that concept might come true with the Mi 6. But for some reason, they went with the conventional design. That was surprising, especially considering the fact, Samsung has done something similar with their Samsung Galaxy S9. Now, certainly, we believe that the Xiaomi Mi7 will make the concept a reality and finally we will get the bezel-less Mi device we deserve.

A smartphone is as good as its processor. And if really Xiaomi is going to bring down the big players, then they will use the latest Snapdragon processor like the rest of its competitors. The RAM will also improve significantly. The current Mi 6 comes with 4 and 6 GB RAM respectively in the 64 GB and 128 GB models. With Xiaomi Mi7, the 8 GB RAM and 128/256 GB storage can become the standard model, while the upgraded model will  boast of 8 GB of RAM’s with 256 GB internal storage space.

In the camera department, we will see some major developments. As ongoing rumors saying the next Xiaomi Upcoming Smartphones 2018 Mi 7 device will have a 25 megapixel rear camera. The current model offers 12 megapixels if you don’t know. Plus, users will enjoy a variety of features like 3D recording, optical image stabilization and what not. Nothing is for sure, just need to wait a bit more as soon more information will be coming on our way.

Xiaomi Mi7 price:

One thing for sure, the Xiaomi Mi7 would be the most expensive device ever in the company’s history. And that is bound to happen as flagship devices price increases every year. The same situation is also on the card for the Xiaomi Mi7. But the big question is, how much money we are talking about?

The latest Mi series device costs about 365 dollars if you’re going for the standard 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage. And that price rises to 420 dollars for the 6GB/128GB model. Now, we’ve seen very little of Mi7 by now and don’t know how much of it is true. However, if we consider the above aspects to become a reality, then we are looking to spend more than 550 dollars for the standard Xiaomi Mi7 model. While the most powerful model might cost somewhere along 650-700 dollar range.

Obviously, that’s a big hike in the price we are talking about which is likely to happen. But don’t know whether our prediction might become a reality or not. As there is a good possibility we’re going higher than their price point or it can go the other way around too. Until, the official announcement, we can’t be sure.

Final Say About Xiaomi Mi7:

There is a big cloud hovering around the next Xiaomi device as you can see. So, nothing is for certain and everything we know till this moment means absolutely nothing.

What we’ve seen about the Xiaomi Mi 7 are all rumors that are ongoing around the internet with very little proof. These are like those fan theories which most of the times don’t see the light of the day in the real world. That’s why we need to be a little patient and wait for a month or two, as we know for sure in recent days there will be more development about it. So, just sit tight and keep following us as we will bring all the latest updates to you.




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