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Google Pixel 3 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Concept, Design, Rumors, News


Google Pixel 3 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Concept, Design, Rumors, News. Very recently, Google launched the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. However, we are already beginning to hear details about the Google Pixel 3. So far, the specifications are very few, but very interesting. Although we have a lot of information to know, the rumors are starting to circulate. In this article, we will show you everything we know about Google Pixel 3. These rumors are quite strong. Google launched only two models recently. Rumors suggest that the company may be considering three models for Pixel 3. The code names for the upcoming Pixel phones have leaked online.

As always, the rumors of the following models are starting to resonate there will be one of the high-end mobile. Although we still do not know what that connotation means. Google’s existing contract with HTC will expire after the launch of Pixel 2. The report says, opening an opportunity for other hardware companies. Previously, it believed that LG was in the competition for collaborating with the creation of Pixel 3. However, now it seems that it will not involve. The company refuted claims that it was building the Pixel 3 in a statement on Android Authority.

Google Pixel 3 Release Date:

According to the report, of the phone that Google will launch next year. This is the leaks in Android. By 2018, Google could follow Apple’s strategy, and launches three devices to the market. The 3 Pixel that Google could launch in April 2018. This year, Google has launched a Pixel and another quite appealing the 2 XL variant. This characterized by joining bezel-less fashion, with a much more current design. It could have leaked the key names of the Pixel 2018. It would be “crosshatch” albacore” and “blue line”.

Google Pixel 3 Features, Specifications, Rumors and Latest News:

Today we have left you with details about the Google Pixel 3. It,s expected that there is an even larger version that hits the market with a screen of up to 5.5 inches. We said it a while ago, and the hypothesis gains strength, Google increasingly wants to be more Apple. This year, we have seen the two new Google Pixel 2 very premium phones that add to the catalog of the high range.

Android 9 is the operating system of Google Pixel 3. It in terms of dimensions has a profile of 8.5 mm and a weight of 143 g. In terms of its technical features, it will come with a 5.5-inch AMOLED capacitive display. The resolution of this device may be 2160 x 3840 pixels. In the Google Pixel 3 we find a 2.3 GHz Octa core Snapdragon 835 processors accompanied by 6 GB of RAM. It also has 64 GB / 128 GB storage capacity. The Google Pixel 3 rear and front camera has a resolution of 12 MP. This device will include the features of video, Auto Focus, Face Detection, HDR. There will be included the Face Detection option, Geo-tagging, Panorama Mode, and Touch Focus. It will make with a 4000 mAh battery provides the power.

The model would only make sense if they followed Apple’s strategy. The device Google Pixel 3 launches as a high-end. Now, there is hardly any information about the strategy that Google intends to carry out. If Apple continues to launch three models a year as it has done in 2017.

Google Pixel 3 Price:

Since September, HTC has shipped more than 2.1 million Pixel devices. Google expects to increase production to 5 million with the Pixel 3. Meanwhile, most variants of the original Pixel, especially the XL, remain stockless. After the launch of the phone, since HTC still has difficulties to fulfill orders fast enough. The possible price of Google Pixel 3 is expected $1150.

HTC may not have been Google’s first choice to build Pixel. Huawei is the multiple executives of the Chinese technology firm last fall. The supply-side constraints Google may be more confident in the manufacturing capabilities. Since companies have worked together on multiple Nexus phones in the past. We have to wait for Google Pixel 3 since there is practically a year left for this to publish, if it ever happens. Last year we also had rumors about three models, and this did not happen.



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