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HomTom HT70 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features

HomTom HT70 2019 Release Date, Price, Specs! HomTom is a Chinese company that has a large catalog of mobile phones. All is at low prices and with a great diversity of different models. Today they have about 30 different mobile models for sale, with their different versions and colors. The screens of Smartphone’s are getting bigger. So we also see how the consumption of the battery increases significantly. There are brands that bet on introducing larger batteries in their phones. This is what HOMTOM has done with its new phone, the HOMTOM HT70 2019. To get the greatest price for the HomTom HT70 is not a simple task. Here you will find the HomTom HT70 best price, features, and Release Date. We regularly track the prices in many sources. So you can find the true store with the best price.

HomTom HT70 Release Date:

For now, we have neither one nor the other. We hope in the coming days to have news on this aspect. The company is preparing the launch of the Homtom HT70.  The phone will reach the market officially throughout the month of April. Although it is concrete, launch date will reveal in the coming weeks. We know that its launch is already around the corner. What can we expect from this brand phone?

HomTom HT70HomTom HT70

HomTom HT70 Features:

The company offers Features and price to buy the HOMTOM HT70. The phone has a 6.0-inch screen. That stands out mainly for its autonomy, with a 10,000-mAh battery. The battery will give hours and hours of use without having to be attentive to the power bar of our mobile. According to the statistics of the company itself, with this mobile phone you can navigate with a full charge of your battery up to 36 hours. It is not bad. If what we like is listening to music we can spend 27 hours enjoying our favorite songs.

We will have 19 uninterrupted hours of video without having to recharge the battery. You can spend up to 1200 hours without running out of battery, which is equivalent to 50 days in standby, or almost two months. The HOMTOM HT70 has joined the fashion of the screens with 18: 9 ratios. HomTom HT70 has a screen resolution of 720 × 1440 that makes us a bit short. It will certainly fulfill perfectly. It stands out especially for its great treatment of colors. We are going to see bright colors and intensity on the screen of the device. It is Ideal for photos and videos.

Not only the human being lives on the battery, but also good specifications needed. That continues with the current trend. The processor is responsible for moving everything. This could be is a MediaTek MT6750T with eight cores. It’s supported by 4 GB of Ram and 64 GB of Rom to store everything that comes to mind. In addition, we can expand the external memory up to 128 GB.  The battery will support for fast charging of 9V / 3A. We can also find a double camera sensor on the back. HOMTOM HT70 comes with on the 16 MP + 5 MP dual rear cameras.

HomTom HT70 Image

In the part of selfies comes with 13 MP. It will equip USB Type-C port, rear fingerprint scanner or Android 7.0 as operating system. For now, everything is fine and even very good. In the images, you can see the design of the phone. The brand has opted for very thin frames on the screen. While in the back, you can see a fingerprint sensor. The design is nice, maybe too many straight lines. The truth is that we liked it and it is different from what you see now. Whether it is better or worse depends on the tastes of each one. HOMTOM HT70 dimension will be 77 x 165.5 x 14.5 mm and Weight may be 207 grams.

HomTom HT70 Price:

For its price, we do not believe that it far exceeds 150 euros or $185. If we notice the current catalog that Homtom has. So we can ensure you the price of HOMTOM HT70 is around 150 euros. This HOMTOM HT70 will soon reach the market. So surely, over these weeks we will know more about the phone. If you are interested in knowing more about the device.

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