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HTC Fusion Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Rumors & News

HTC Fusion Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Rumors, Image and Leaks news by! The HTC is another of the companies that will attend the meeting of the Mobile World Congress. We must excuse the Taiwanese firm arrives in without any leading device. The block chain technology will be part of the next HTC phone. The Chinese manufacturer is developing a new Smartphone HTC Fusion. That will be an innovative feature for 2019. The HTC recent model still has some more travel in the market.

Especially after the good reviews has reaped after years of blind sticks by the former pioneer manufacturer in the Smartphone industry. The device, based on Android, also seeks to become a universal mobile wallet. In addition to an integrated secure hardware enclave to support crypto currencies and decentralized applications. The creator of the virtual reality device will be responsible for the initiatives related to ASUS concept phones.

HTC Fusion Release Date

Specifically, on the potential of this HTC Fusion smartphone in emerging markets will arrive the final quarter of this year. It will be during the conference the last month of this year. Certainty there will be a new HTC high-end smartphone in the MWC 2018 with good judgment this time by the manufacturer. That will let the market and the competition to update their flagship as next spring saving time for possible retouching and to satisfy the preferences of the users. The Expected release date of HTC Fusion is December, 2018. Release date may be change for features update or company issue.

HTC Fusion

HTC Fusion Full Specifications and Features Rumored

The truth is that there have not been too many leaks from Taiwan about the upcoming moves of HTC. That like other manufacturers this year has saved their cards better to keep the surprise. In fact, strangely, these weeks prior to the MWC 2018 are being quite calm. If we look at the unstoppable river of ink ran previous years to just 10 days the fair. The HTC Fusion arrives as a somewhat large phone, given by a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display and IPS technology. A thickness we can place in the standard, with 8.5 mm. Its weight may be 154 grams light for its size. That we have had good experiences in the past, and a good 424 points per inch.

Inside we have a Snapdragon 855 processor at 2.3 GHz. That we see in other large phones on the market, accompanied by its Adreno 630 of higher frequency and 8GB of RAM like as Nokia Vitech. Only a mid-range Smartphone rumored a couple of weeks ago anticipated the steps of HTC ahead of this launch in 2018. A terminal confirmed this morning by Evan Blass as the new and hypothetical HTC Fusion should be the protagonist at the HTC. It would be treated according to the filtered data of a cut-off telephone and modern design the first medium range of HTC with 18: 9 formats.

It would accompany by 128 GB ROM and other 256 GB of expandable internal storage. According to versions, it could increase these amounts and would have dual selfie cameras off with a battery of 4330 mAh. Specifications as you see measured for the current mid-range especially serving newcomers. The eternal question is that despite endless rumors and twists to the issue of wearables and HTC. The reality is that the Taiwanese manufacturer has never been on the market for wearable devices, or at least with devices under its brand and with a clear sales strategy.

HTC Fusion Image

HTC Fusion Price

There were also smart scales and some other accessory to accompany the range of HTC and Under Armor. It was not really, a clear bet by the manufacturer. It will be possibility $800 in the price. Although based on the desire we have to see what HTC would be able to do with Android Wear, then for the company’s own interest. Where there could be news is in the Five range of HTC.

The latest great success of the firm came thanks to virtual reality. Talking about it, however, is speculating, as there is no specific detail mentioned by the HTC. In a few days, we will get more information’s and see if HTC has wanted to be the protagonist or has preferred to observe from the barrier waiting to give the blow of effect later.

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