New 2024 Chevy Chevelle Release Date, Price, Specs, News, Interior & Exterior

New 2024 Chevy Chevelle Release Date, Price, Specs, News, Interior & Exterior! Chevy is looking forward to bringing back one of its iconic Markee models with the production of the 2024 Chevy Chevelle. Chevrolet enthusiasts and car enthusiasts alike are interested in getting back the Chevelle.

It will undoubtedly attract the interest of automotive enthusiasts worldwide as the brand revives this classic model. Here, you will find information about how much the Chevy Chevelle will cost in 2024 and release dates, ranges, designs, and other relevant details.

When will the 2024 Chevy Chevelle come out?

We do not have an official release date for the 2024 Chevy Chevelle. Therefore, it is impossible to say when this vehicle will be released. According to our assumptions, the 2024 Chevy Chevelle will be available at the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024.

2024 Chevy Chevelle
2024 Chevy Chevelle

2024 Chevy Chevelle Price

According to reports, a new company has spent seven years meticulously designing the 2024 Chevy Chevelle.  It depends on which package you choose and what extra features you add. This highly anticipated 2024 Chevy Chevelle will considerably impact the automotive industry with its impressive design and features. You can find the top car price of the 2024 Chevy Chevelle below.

Trims Price (Est.)
LS $35,000
LT $40,000
70/SS $150,000

 2024 Chevy Chevelle Engine Power and Performance

The 2024 Chevrolet Chevelle comes with an extra Z51 speed package. This package contains top-of-the-line engine, transmission, and general performance components.

The car is driven by a 6.2-liter V8 engine that makes 492 horsepower and 473 lb-ft of torque. Power is upped to 495 hp with the Z51 package, plus summer tires, a limited-slip differential, and a dual-mode exhaust.

The only choice for the forthcoming 2024 Chevrolet Chevelle is an 8-speed automatic engine with dual clutch. It allows you to change gears precisely by pressing a button on the front panel or using big knobs on the control wheel. With the Z51 speed package and the extra FE4 magnetorheological springs, the car can go from 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds, which is very fast.

At 122 miles per hour, it takes 11.2 seconds to go 1/4 mile. On its skid pad, it got a very good 1.03 Gs, and it took 149 feet to slow down from 70 miles per hour. Ultimately, the 2024 Chevrolet Chevelle equipped with the Z51 performance package has great performance skills, resulting in a fun and excellent racing car.

2024 Chevy Chevelle Interior and Infotainment

Luxury comfort and plenty of cargo space are features of the 2024 Chevrolet Chevelle’s interior. Leather, actual metal accents, Fox Suede, and an aesthetically stitched headliner all contribute to the car’s futuristic and upscale vibe, evoking the design of classic Corvette.

It’s easy to fold down the coupe’s roof and store it in the trunk, making open-air driving a seamless experience.

The 2024 Chevrolet Chevelle has an outstanding reputation for interior quantity, particularly with the three LT kits stitching leather surfaces and carbon fiber details for more luxury.

There is an overall 13 cubic feet of room for storage in the two containers directly in front and behind the engine.

2024 Chevy Chevelle Exterior Dimensions and Weight

A coupe and convertible body style are available in the 3LT trim level of the 70th Anniversary Edition Chevrolet Chevelle. Two exterior colors are available: white pearl metallic and carbon flash metallic. There are also racing stripes available in satin Gray and black.

The 70th Anniversary edition has special center caps, dark finish aluminum wheels, and red brake calipers. There’s also a special 70th-anniversary edition of the high-performance CO6, which we’ll review separately. Red-stitched microfiber covers the leather seats inside the 70th Anniversary edition. To make things easier, the package comes with matching suitcases.

Many new features are coming with the 2024 model year, including 20-inch wheels, black tailpipes, and stealth aluminum interior trims. Red upholstery accents the dashboard and door panels of the cabin, adding a touch of excitement to the interior. In summary, the 70th Anniversary Edition pays tribute to the iconic legacy of the Chevrolet Chevelle with its blend of performance, style, and luxury.

According to the official information, the 2024 Chevy Chevelle is going to have an impressive 5.5-inch ground clearance with unique dimensions that have a 112.3-inch wheelbase, 196.6-inch length, 75.8-inch width, and 55.1-inch height, while its curb weight is 3,800 lbs.

Safety Features Offered by the 2024 Chevy Chevelle

The 2024 Chevy Chevelle is going to offer safety features like anti-lock braking, brake assist, crash sensor, central locking, adjustable seats, child safety locks, rear seat belts, seat belt warning, door ajar warning, power door locks, vehicle stability control system, engine check warning, engine check warning, rear camera, and an anti-theft device.

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