Nokia C9 Release Date, Price, Specs, Feature & Latest Rumors

Nokia already have total independence to launch new mobile terminals to the international market. Now with the rumored Nokia C9 (tentative name) would be preparing to return to the top. We all know Nokia that smartphone manufacturing company until now hand in hand with Microsoft known mainly for their Windows Phone. Nokia has more of a slip with the Android operating system. Now Nokia is free to manufacture other devices and everything seems to indicate that this rumored Nokia C9. With Android is the beginning of a rejuvenation that promises.

Nokia C9 Release Date and Price:

We know the information about its price will be around $ 470. Nokia C9 will be available in the market in January 2018. Where will be included some renders and even a filtered picture. On this occasion, there are more designs on what the Nokia C9 would look like on the outside.

Nokia C9 Picture

Nokia C9: Specifications and more data:

The latest information that has leaked about its possible specifications tells us about a high-end terminal. That would carry a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 2.65GHz processor, 4GB of RAM, internal storage of 32/64 / 128Gb according to model sale. The camera status is 21MP main camera, an 8MP front camera and possibly with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Other specifications such as their diagonal screen may be 5 or 5.5 inches.

The battery capacity will be 4,000 mAh. The display type will be AMOLED also Resolution about 2560×1440. Users can use duel Sim easily. The new Nokia N9 smartphone also features a front-facing camera for video calling and video chat, WiFi a / b / g / n connectivity, GPS and a-GPS and Bluetooth 2.1 and NFC technology.

Everything points to that will be the final for the finish company to bet this time there will be something very different inside, Android. The Nokia terminals were Microsoft. It seems that they have changed sides. Want to integrate the operating system of the Android as the heart of this new terminal. The first rumors bet on a metallic frame for the Nokia C9 a powerful camera and a Snapdragon processor.

Nokia C9 Image

After more than a rumor about its design, the Nokia C9 has caught an incredible fame of “promising terminal. The most fans of Nokia are waiting for Nokia C9. Thus, the Nokia C9 is proposed as the mobile chosen by Nokia to return to the big thing within the circle of the big manufacturers.  The purchase of Nokia by Microsoft was one of those movements that did not like the fans.

That gave a new identity that no one wanted to the famous brand of Nokia mobile that long ago dominated the market wide. After years of lack of independence, the Finns are ready to return to the mobile phone market. Their Nokia C9 would have leaked under technical specifications to match the circumstances.

Looking at these possible specifications of the cackling Nokia C9 would point out that it would be a device. The company finishes repeatedly denied that they would return to the front of mobile technology. We will see if in the next big European fairs or under a private event. The company finally reveals its plans on this long awaited return to the international mobile panorama.

Nokia C9


It seems that Nokia is not doing as badly as the worst rumors claimed. The company has been finished working on this for years on the phone. How to bet hard when it has to at least it seems with a new Android smartphone the Nokia C9. With the preliminary specifications we still lack some as important as the size of the screen. Surely, it will become a reference model in the high range leaving aside the Nokia that everyone fled in recent years. The Nokia C9 will work great for Android. Because it will take full advantage of its possibilities, we will be able to enjoy the benefits.

In conclusion, it seems that Nokia is taking its return seriously after the end of the agreement with Microsoft, and everything seems to indicate that the Nokia C9 will be his biggest bet. To do this, have opted for features of some “top of the range” as the Snapdragon 820 but it seems that some lines will continue to Nokia.

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