Samsung Galaxy C10 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Concept, Design, Rumors, News

Samsung Galaxy C10 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Concept, Design, Rumors, News. We have more rumors about the new Samsung terminals in this case have to do with the Galaxy C10. A terminal aimed at the mid-high range with some very interesting features. It is the first Samsung to have a dual rear camera. We have seen the Upcoming Samsung Galaxy C10 posing in a bountiful series of renders. The Concept creators have started to develop a smartphone concept giving us a good idea of ​​what Samsung’s first dual-brand mobile phone. All these schemas and concepts leaked out about the new Samsung Galaxy C10.

Samsung Galaxy C10 Release Date:

It is expected that the Samsung Galaxy C10 does not take too long to launch dates from November to December 2017. Of course, if the dual camera that has leaked is real. It is surprising that it has advanced to the vertical double camera. We can expect it at 20th December, 2017.

Samsung Galaxy C10 Picture

Samsung Galaxy C10 Features, Specification and Review:

This Galaxy C10 will have a screen of 6 inches with Full HD resolution for the information about the processor we are sure. Since there are two possibilities, the first is to mount a processor Snapdragon 600.  Although according to it can comment that Samsung has had problems of provisioning with this processor. So another possibility is that it arrives with processor Exynos 7872 with 6 cores. It will have 6 GB of RAM and for internal storage we will have two options, one with 64 GB and the other with 128 GB (expandable with microSD).

As we have indicated before this Galaxy C10 will come with double rear camera, being wide-angle and telephoto. It is still unknown the resolutions that will have this rear camera some rumors indicate that it could have 12 MP. It will have a non-removable 4000 mAh battery. Just like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will also come with the Bixby Personal Assistant. Your operating system will be version 8.0 Oreo of Android. Samsung, despite having created some of the best photo smartphones, has not yet joined the fashion of double cameras.

It seems that will change soon because it has leaked the Samsung Galaxy C10. The C10 will mount a dual rear camera. It is surprising that it is not a flagship model that introduces this feature. Since the Samsung Galaxy C10 is aimed rather at the mid-high range.

Samsung Galaxy C10

Its new flagship, presented only a few months ago, dispensed with this type of camera when not being ready on the date of its launch. It seems that the first Samsung to arrive. The market is evolving to a site where we will see all the terminals with a double camera. It will bring a flash of double tone something habitual a long time ago. We ignore if it opted for a sensor in color and another monochrome.

These filtered images come, supposedly, from the official press releases provided by Samsung. In the photographs, we can see in full detail the metallic design of this new Galaxy C10. Its backside is featuring a double photographic sensor, a technology that, so far, Samsung had not introduced to any of its phones. Each company has chosen to take different paths when it comes to focusing.

Samsung Galaxy C10 Price:

The new Galaxy C10 is in the testing phase. Apparently, it will be the first mid-range phone of the South Korean company to incorporate a button dedicated to Bixby. It will be in the not too distant future. As for the price, the model 64 GB could arrive with an approximate price of $ 460 in China for now we do not know what is the price will be sold in the rest of the world.

Samsung Galaxy C10 Image

The Galaxy C series is currently only available in the markets of India and China, where it has been quite successful. One could say that for the rest of the world is the Galaxy a family with cell phones with interesting features at more affordable prices.

This information comes from the Twitter account of On Leaks, focused on this type of technology. Although the images are quite credible, we must keep in mind that they are recreations by computer. Even if the design is identical, the filtered appearance of the Samsung Galaxy C10 will look somewhat different in reality, due to the textures of building materials, lighting and other subtle details.

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