Sony Xperia Z7 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Rumors


Sony Xperia Z7 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Concept, Design, Rumors, News! Sony has us accustomed to having a high-end terminal every little time. This it would be with the Xperia Z7. Already in the market, the next thing that awaits us is the Sony Xperia Z7. According to all the rumors, it will come with several versions. We have for you is the design and specifications of a possible Sony Xperia Z7. We also show you the entire splendor this design. Here you can see with every little detail. Those who follow the entrails of mobile phones with interest will know. The cameras have experienced a great evolution in quality and design. It is none other than Japan’s Sony. Every time we take a new model of new technologies. That allows condition new designs. The last thing from Sony has given IMX318.

Sony Xperia Z7 Release Date:

Sony sells their modules to the majority of manufacturers in the market. The production begins now, Sent it to other manufacturers including Sony in the month of April. This means that it is coming on time for a possible device. It has a planned output in the second quarter of the year. If you do not want to miss any of its details, you cannot miss the following features. Here it looks with its entire splendor.

Sony Xperia Z7

Sony Xperia Z7 Features:

The sensor is within the Exmor RS family may be CMOS type. We could consider it as the successor of the IMX230. It has a size of 1 / 2.6 inches slightly smaller. This does not mean that it is better or worse. There are new technologies involved in improving performance. The Sony IMX318 is a new sensor, with 28 megapixels. The front camera could be 8 MP with fast autofocus. Sony says that its sensor focuses in 0.03 seconds for it pulls a hybrid approach. To achieve that speed, the hybrid focusing system mixes detection. This is in phase with contrast detection. The entire process is done on the sensor itself no external help needed. When focusing on video running at 60 images per second. It is capable of doing it in 0.017 seconds.

The maximum recording quality is 4K at 30 images per second. We are taking note all its characteristics. It would be on important phones signed by Sony or Apple. These small cameras record in a 4K format with decent results. They have managed to stabilize the shots with a three-axis system. Here you have an example: The stabilization also completes at the module level the focusing system. The signal that leaves the module already stabilized. It does not need auxiliary processors. The technology used not only improves the sudden movements. It also does a positive situation with the distortion of the images. Something is usual in such tiny sensors.

Sony Xperia Z7 Image

This design contains an Octa-Core Processor paired with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. Sony conceived this terminal an 5.7-inch screen with 2160 x 4096 pixels resolution. That also includes in its design with 4K resolution. The phone comes with 6 GB of RAM with 32/64 storage. It can extend up to 128 GB of internal storage. Sony Xperia Z7 perform with Android 8.0 Oreo. Other features of this device design are Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protected. It will support 4G, LTE, Bluetooth 5.0, and retina eye scanner. Into Its features, we may get rapid wireless charging, and rapid charging. The battery would have the figure of 3900 mAh. It should give it a more than acceptable autonomy. This terminal also has a USB Type-C port. The thickness of the phone is 6.5 mm.

Sony Xperia Z7 Price in USA, UK, UAE, Australia, Canada, Germany, Malaysia, India:

Based on the rumors we assume its price about $600 USD. It would be available in Black, gold, white, green, blue red, colors. The volume button can use to scroll through the terminal menus. In general, the general lines of the terminal do not differ much from its predecessor the Sony Xperia Z6. That yes this terminal has somewhat rounded corners. You have been able to see some of the images of the terminal.  It is even easy to see how the technology released in Chinese manufacturers. In the end, it is normal to see them in a Xperia Z series.


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