Vivo Xplay 7 Release Date, Features, Specs & Price

Vivo Xplay 7 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Concept, Design, First Looks, Rumors, News. One of the main concerns of some manufacturers in recent months has been the fingerprint scanner on the screen. Now we have e first Android phone that would have a fingerprint reader on screen. Vivo Xplay 7 would be the first mobile to have a fingerprint reader on screen and not only that but also would have a triple camera in its rear. It would be the model in having this reader being the perfect replacement of the Xplay 6. The backside stands out for having the largest number of camera.

Vivo Xplay 7 Release Date:

The technology would start to be commercialized in the fourth quarter of the year. Coincidentally coincides with the possible launch of this device. The technology developed by Qualcomm is not yet completed. They say they could have the fingerprint detector under the screen ready in the fourth quarter of this year (2017). Which is to assume that the smartphone could be developing very soon in this sense can be released next year. The Vivo Xplay 7 announced date is expected to take on 14 February 2018,

Vivo Xplay 7 Picture


Vivo Xplay 7 Feature, Specs & Review:

It could come with 6 GB of RAM or there is a variant of 8 GB of RAM and 835 Snapdragon processor. We would have the new technology of Qualcomm that sends a pulse through the finger. The sensor in such a way that gives rise to the fingerprint detects vibrations. The Vivo Xplay 7 is shown with an attractive design with a slightly curved elongated screen.

With nonexistent side frames, two front cameras, three cameras on the back without LED flash metallic body three tones of colors: gold, silver and the traditional black. The battery Capacity is 3500 mAh. The rear camera is 16 MP. The Vivo Xplay 7 is a dual Nano SIM mobile with Android 7.1 Nougat operating system. It will contain 5.7-inch display with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels.

This fingerprint sensor under the screen works by ultrasound. It will allow us to do without the physical button if we want to have the fingerprint on the front of the terminal. The XPlay 7 Live was expected for the last quarter of the year. It presumably may be the first smartphone with this new fingerprint sensor integrated under the screen. It is likely that for launching much less than we think.

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The back part stands out for having the largest number of cameras known. Three when it is not yet standard that especially in high-end models. It cannot be ruled out that one of those spaces actually corresponds to the flash some place should be. It is possible that it serves for augmented reality functions. The hardware and software features are unknown, but it is undoubtedly a high end with no release date for now.

However, most important in the design of the phone are not their colors. Two innovations with respect to everything that we have seen in the market three sensors of main camera and fingerprint reader on screen. The fingerprint reader on the screen would be integrated under the screen.

Vivo Xplay 7 Price:

The Vivo Xplay 7 would arrive available in pink, black and white. Vivo XPlay 7 has robbed much of the protagonism of the news of current technology. A technology that Qualcomm already presented recently that could have found in the Chinese manufacturer Vivo the ideal home for its staging. The aforementioned on-screen fingerprint sensor on the other a triple rear camera that would leave in check the competition and its dual cameras. The Vivo Xplay 7 accepted price $ 800.

Vivo Xplay 7

We recommend taking the information with caution. If Vivo’s new smartphone comes to the market with five integrated cameras, and the fingerprint reader on the screen. It will give much to talk. The features of the smartphone striking design with a screen with very narrow bezels, triple camera on the back, double front camera and a very thin thickness.

The technology of the fingerprint detector on the screen is unknown. To conclude, surely the company will make its terminal official as soon as possible. Here we will be waiting for such a beast that will hit the market to face the best. Especially when dare to innovate in the cameras and the position of the fingerprint sensor.

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