Android 9 News: what we want to see from Android P

Google has barely revealed the official name of the next version of its mobile system Android Oreo. It makes sense that the company already works on a successor. The first signs of the update that will replace Oreo appeared on Wednesday (30) on the web, more precisely on the Android Open Source Project. The repository through which Google distributes preliminary versions of its operating systems cited Android P for the first time. It could be version Android 9 of the platform. One of the references indicates that the company has already tested a version code named “P” in the device “Marlin” and the code name of the Pixel X.

The earlier versions of these codes also indicate that the letter “P” appears instead of the letter “O”. Reinforcing the idea, that Google already has an Android P in the oven. The phrase master is P only which gives its name to the topic is another indication that the version that will succeed Oreo is in development. Everything is still at primary level and there is no way to predict any new features to add on the platform that will replace Android Oreo. We have to wait for the next rumors.

Android 9 News

Android P Features – What’s new on the Android 9:

It looks like we are thinking about it, and yet there are some who have already started talking about Android 9.0 and suggesting the dessert name that will be inspired by Google. Only a niche of Android users in the world has already put their hands on the tasty update of Oreo. According to recent rumors, Big G is starting to work on the next version of the operating system that might be called Pancake. The source of the news from rumors discovered a project in Android Open Source. It seems that Google is testing Android P on Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL among the first devices to receive the update of Android 8.0.

Here is the list of smartphones that will receive upgrades and roll out timings. In the codes, a supposed Oreo update with corrections was also detected that is Android 8.1. Google may have already completed work on Android version 8.1 that will be launched with the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, just as Nougat 7.1 was launched with the first generation of Google smartphones by skipping upgrade 7.0.

Android P: What’s the Rumored Key Features Of Android V9.0?

  • Wider, faster availability.
  • Movable search bar and date widgets.
  • More customization than the other Android Operating System.
  • Make the Pixel Launcher available on all devices.
  • Feature parity.
  • Picture-in-picture for every app.
  • A focus on tablets.

Android 9 Release Date – When we see Android P?

It is too early to tell what will happen with Android 9. If the company releases it without a previous version 8.1, the discovery in the AOSP reveals. That Google already has a list of features to point to next release of its mobile OS. The new version of the green robotic will be presented during the Google I / O 2018 scheduled for May. With the arrival of Android 8.0 at the doorstep, treating the topic features and novelties of Android P is premature. A part of the name can consider without too much seriousness. Nowadays the tradition means that the major updates of the green robotic operating system are called sweet. Which dessert with letter P will be picked by the Mountain View giant for the next Android version of 2018? Here are some speculations waiting for official news.

Android 9 Pancake:

This is the most popular name for the Android Oreo successor. It seems in fact that Google has chosen Pancake since 2013. Android 9 Pancake sounds good and comes to mind a sweetly loved and popular sweet all over the world to receive a warm welcome. Other usable names on the list are Android 9.0 Peanut, Android 9 Popsicle, Android 9 Praline and Android 9 Profiterole though in this case the name like the same sweet could be pretentious. There are also those who have advanced the hypothesis of Android 9 Popsicle. It is a very famous icicles brand in the US. It would not be the first time that Google exploits the name of a brand for its mobile OS. Popsicle could be a priceless choice considering we had KitKat and Oreo.

Finally, another reference comes from the conversation between two developers. It is possible to assume that the debated version between them is not fixed for Oreo, as an Android 8.1, but rather a major update that should be even Android P.

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