LeEco Le Max 3 Release Date, Feature, Specs, Price & Review

LeEco Le Max 3 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Concept, Design, Rumors, News. LeEco mobiles are smartphones of the highest level with a price somewhat cheaper than high-end mobile phones. Always being smart phones with many details. Now we describe to know the technical features of LeEco Le Max 3, which will stand out for its multimedia features.

LeEco Le Max 3 Release Date:

Through an unofficial source, we could know the LeEco Le Max 3 will available January 27, 2018. The level of integration of the wizard on the phone that would be able to evolve as the user uses it. Even would be able to learn third-party application functionalities. The LeEco-made Le Max 3 appeared in half a dozen real-life images on Wednesday. Its design it similar to previous sightings of the device, which date back to this spring. The front side of the supposed LeEco Le Max 3 features a display panel with what seems to be a regular aspect ratio of 16:9 same to the LeEco Le Pro 4.

LeEco Le Max 3 Image

Great multimedia features LeEco Le Max 3:

Although the smartphone will, still have to launch officially and we will then know all the characteristics of the mobile. We know that will stand out especially for its multimedia features. One of the keys will be the dual camera. The mobile will have a dual camera that will be composed two sensors of 13 megapixels rear camera and front camera will be 16 megapixels. So the selfies will be high quality. The mobile screen it will be 5.7 inches with a Quad HD resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. A camera can be improvable and a screen hardly improvable.

The rest of the technical features LeEco Le Max 3 will have that a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor. The high-end processor that was launched in the second half of last year. It’s curious, because the smartphone will launch as a high-end smartphone. It will not yet integrate the latest processor Qualcomm. The latest Snapdragon 835 will not be available for this phone because it would probably make the cost of the smartphone more expensive.

The RAM of this mobile will be the highest possible, having a RAM of 6 GB, as well as an internal memory of 128 GB. The mobile will feature a metal design, and although it will be somewhat cheaper than the high-end smartphone market. In any case, it will be a very interesting mobile for those looking for a high -level smartphone. Which has a cheaper than the price of the flagships. The storage capacity would be 128 GB (expandable by microSD type cards).

LeEco Le Max 3

More power in this generation LeEco Le Max 3:

The LeEco Le Max 3 would come with aluminum as construction material. As is usual in the mobile world, would be unibody. As for the front, the screen will not use curved edges. The side bevels are quite small, even despite the black frame that appears when you turn it on. At the front, there would be no physical ‘home’ button under the screen. You would see the three capacitors we have seen in other LeEco devices. At the top, on both sides of the speaker for calls, both the camera are seen for selfies as something that appears to be an LED flash.

In the back highlights the camera that, putting a little imagination, has some similarity with some emoticon. Below is the fingerprint sensor that is unknown if it will have additional features like gestures. One of the noise reduction mics what appears to be an infrared sensor whiles the bottom lets you see the speaker and a USB-C connector. Several leaks mention that like the LeEco Le Pro 3, the 3.5mm mini jack would be absent in this model. This wizard would allow you to use several of the functions of the phone using only the voice and would be able to learn the pattern of use of the holder of the phone.

LeEco Le Max 3 Picture

LeEco Le Max 3 Price:

The expected price of this smartphone may be $ 350.  The device would have been seen in a new filtration confirming part of its design and possible internal characteristics. Like the previous generation, the company would again employ an elegant design built in metal. The general appearance of the next Le Max 3 would be almost identical to that of its predecessor. The firm would use a metallic chassis with rounded edges and very stylized lines. We do not know for the moment its exact measurements.

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