Apple iPhone 9 Release Date, Features, Specs, Price, News & Rumors

Apple iPhone 9 Release Date, Features, Specs, Price, News & Rumors. The first information leaked of future terminal of the Apple iPhone 9. We see around the screens on todays smart phones are due to the design of the LCD panels. The edges are needed to hide the display connectors other cables that allow the screen to work. The iPhone 9 can potentially go free of bevels while continuing to use an LCD panel. Other benefits would be full active LCD include deeper blacks. The ability to operate the touch screen with wet fingers the option of using them on a curved display.

Apple iPhone 9 Release Date September 2018:

Rumors have already begun about the iPhone 9, a next-generation smartphone that should debut in 2018. There are already rumors that we will see the Apple iPhone 9 in September, 2018. So we can ensure you this iPhone 9 would be released over the next year.

Apple iPhone 9

Apple iPhone 9 News: Rumored Features, Specs & Leaks Image

Apparently, this future terminal would come in two different sizes. First, we would have a model of 5.28 inches and another of 6.46 inches in its version plus. The information that has appeared on the iPhone 9 we find an important innovation. It makes sense, but it is impossible to give full validity. Because, not only it has no official confirmation, but also because we are talking about a device that still has more than a year. Moreover, long time is remaining to launch, which implies that it could undergo changes important in their final stage of development.

At the hardware level, that iPhone 9 should maintain the configuration of the dual rear camera and 4 GB of RAM. We expect a better A10 processor and better battery life. Apple could finally finish with the small version of 16G and raise the minimum storage to 32G. It means more space for the entire line. So the most important novelty we would find in the Apple SoC A12.

Apple iPhone 9 Rumors Picture, Image

Regarding the Apple iPhone 8 rumors were maintained that indicated the use of an OLED screen of 5.8 inches and a SoC A11.We would certainly be facing one of the largest iPhone versions in terms of size. Apple iPhone 9 would show a similar size to the iPhone SE 2. Although this would have an advanced OLED screen and practically no existing frames. These sizes are far superior to those that Apple currently has in the market.

Photography is always one of the focuses of the iPhones improvements. It is one of the most important features of the device. The company always tries to find ways to improve. It is expected that the larger iPhone will have two cameras in the back. Apple iPhone 9 is supposed to take better photos in low light and improve focus.

Apple iPhone 9 Leaks image, picture 6inches display

The smallest iPhone will probably have a better sensor camera. This increase in size is very significant, and if it does not show any type of bezels. On the other hand, to know this news is put into question the survival of the iPad. Remember that the iPad has been experiencing drops in sales for several months. Perhaps increasing the size of the iPhone would be the perfect reason to end the apple tablet and bet on another more refurbished product.

Apple iPhone 9 Special Features: Change in the ‘home’ button

There are a couple of theories about the single button on the front of the phone. For now, Apple apparently will keep the ‘home’ button. It could change a physical movement by a small vibration that gives the illusion of a click. It could be a way of getting people to a concept of not using buttons at all.

Apple iPhone 9 Price:

For several weeks, rumors have surfaced about the possible shutdown of iPad production. And is that on many occasions the Apple iPhone 9 is the perfect candidate between the two decisions. The price of this iPhone 9 device may be crossed $1500.

iPhone 9

Water is the enemy of iPhone owners. The new upcoming Apple smartphone iPhone 9 may be waterproof. The company recently received a patent that is used for underwater photos. It removing the headphone jack will make it easier to keep the water out of the phone. iPhones are always slimming.

The new models are expected to be a few millimeters less, probably due to the absence of the headphone connector. The headphones will be connected through the power input or that are wireless and function through Bluetooth. Fans of high-end hearing aids can probably continue to use them with an adapter.

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