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Apple iPhone 11 | iPhone XI Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Concept, Design, Rumors

Apple iPhone 11 | iPhone XI Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Concept, Design, Rumors, Hands on Review Image, Official Image and News. We already knew all the details about the Apple iPhone XI the series of rumors that emerged in the months prior to the presentation of this popular Apple phone. At Apple House, the Cupertino Company is preparing for the launch of the Apple iPhone 11. Tim Cook has unveiled all to the anniversary edition of the most iconic product of the apple.

All the issues that threatened to blow up the release of the new Apple smartphone at least as far as big production was concerned. With this announcement at the door, it is clear that the rumor of the last weeks will intensify. It seems that new indications confirm that the name of Apple iPhone XI is more real than thought. Another rumor indicated that the new iPhone would be a dual camera on the backside. We able saw a little of what we can expect from it the technology that the physical environment uses to function.

Apple iPhone XI Release Date: When will Apple release the iPhone 11?

Apple iPhone 11

We round up all the early rumors about the 2018 Apple iPhone 11 release date with new features and specs. The information gained strength through different media over the months. We will have to wait until 2018 to see this device. This smartphone Air Power will allow charging, without cables. The Apple Watch Series 3 and Air Pods the latter will need a compatible packaging with wireless charging simultaneously.

Apple iPhone 11 Features, Specs & Latest News:

Rumors indicate that Apple could present as usual several editions of the phone. One of them would aim to commemorate the decade of the existence of the device. We got some information that, the iPhone XI would be configured by iOS 11. The new Apple iPhone XI features a 5.8-inch display that will occupy the front of the smartphone entirely super Retina Display HDR with pixel resolution 2436 x 1125, density 458ppi. It would cover practically the complete front of the computer. The use of OLED technology in the Apple iPhone 11 is one of its big novelties and some specification are same to Apple iPhone X. Still, we cannot confirm that this is his definitive name. This version would be the named iPhone XI or iPhone 11.

Apple iPhone XI Features, Specs, Rumors When will Apple release the iPhone XI

The details found in the operating system have also been able to know other interesting features of the phone. It is supposed to go the sensors and front camera. The rear camera of Apple iPhone 11 would be 12 megapixel sensor and front camera would be 8 megapixel sensors. While some were debating, where Touch ID would go a rumor arose that said that Apple would put aside that development in favor of facial recognition. It would serve to unlock the phone and even pay with Apple Pay.

Perhaps the biggest mystery around the Apple iPhone 11 would become with Touch ID like as iPhone SE 2. By the Face ID, then it was said that distribution was actually forced to slow down for the editing of the photo gallery the True Depth Camera. Then it will be integrated with the screen. Then it placed on the off button on the side of the phone. The reality is that Apple decided to eliminate the sensor that houses this technology, which leads us to know.

Considering that, this was the first year that Apple introduced two different families of the iPhone. It will be interesting to understand what the future trends will be. The Apple iPhone XI offers a major evolutionary gap over iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus with exceptional features such as OLED screen and Face ID support. It will be difficult for Apple to go back, and the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčadopting such a feature overall line up 2018 is not that strange.

Apple iPhone XI

Apple iPhone 11 Price:

As usual, to recap what the characteristics are of ‘ Apple iPhone XI, of course, great discussion, at least in the beginning, on the price of the new Apple home smartphone. Finally, the price analysts suggested that the best iPhone of the year would be available with two storage capacities. Apple iPhone XI would cost more than 1,300 USD. However, depending on the reports of anonymous sources all the characteristics of Apple iPhone 11. The cost of this device will vary on its configuration.

Next year Apple will resume the usual standard line up with the ability to implement new features such as example Face ID. Apple never tired of saying that the navigation on the new iPhone is intuitive from a touch on the screen to “wake up” to press a second to see the active applications.

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