iPhone SE 2 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Concept, Design, Rumors

Apple iPhone SE 2 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Concept, Design, News, Rumors, First Looks, Hands on Review Picture, Image. An interesting rumor appeared in the media indicates. That is Apple could launch an iPhone SE 2 in 2018. A terminal would maintain the lines, design and finish of the iPhone SE. It would also have the same format. Many rumors anticipated the launch of the first iPhone SE. It was not trivial. It supposed the return of Apple at 4 inches after abandoning them with the iPhone 6. So, it is easy to guess that, after launching Apple iPhone 8, the Apple authority must be launched “SE” series smartphone iPhone SE 2.

A movement many saw as a step back as the realization. That Cupertino had been wrong, leaving behind all the lovers of the more compact phones. Now, more than a year after its launch rumors point to its new generation. The Apple iPhone SE 2 seemed discarded, but now aims to build in India. It is not trivial, it is currently the second market of smartphones worldwide. We have then that the second generation of Apple’s popular 4-inch smartphone.

Apple iPhone SE 2 Release Date:

Apple iPhone SE 2 Picture

Practically with the presentation of the next iPhone on track, it is not surprising. We begin to receive more information in the form of leaks and rumors about the future iPhone SE 2. It’s release date is expected for the First quarter of the next 2018. If the information were correct, we would have a compact iPhone two years later. The iPhone SE 2 would be available in March month of the next year 2018 and Next Apple Upcoming Smartphone 2018 iPhone XI / 11 release in November, 2018.

Apple iPhone SE 2 Features, Specs, Rumors & Latest News:

The design features would be very similar to the current iPhone SE. However, with a renewed interior and a price much more adjusted than other models. It may be something bigger with iOS 11 from the Apple A11 up to 128 GB. In principle, the future iPhone SE 2 would come with iOS 11.1 to the front and with an Apple A11. The processor would be the current iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Apple would place on the market a more compact phone. It may be between 4 and 4.2 inches, with a chip of a previous generation. It is possible that Apple improves the cameras, but in no case should we expect a dual configuration in the back. The Apple iPhone SE 2 will have two camera these are Dual 12 MP rear cameras and 7 MP front camera like as Apple iPhone X.

Apple iPhone SE 2

Whenever the Apple A11 should already be in circulation on board the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X. It would have quad-core A11 Chipset processor with 3 GB RAM. There is also talk of storage and batteries. Specifically, the Apple iPhone SE 2 would have an internal memory of 64 GB. It would reach up to 128 GB in its most expensive version. The internal battery would be in this generation of 2,300 mAh.

It will be higher than the 1,624 mAh of the first generation iPhone SE. The Apple iPhone SE 2 would be identical in finish and design to the current model. It means that the only important differences will be present at the hardware level. The new iPhone SE 2 modifies that trend. Slightly by giving the interior, a familiar design with some of the new components of the iPhone 8 Plus.

Apple iPhone SE 2 Price:

The price would be quite competitive compared to the other models in its range. It’s rumored that it would have a starting price of 650 dollars. It offers to think about renewing a more current terminal in some key areas such as the processor or the camera. It wants to compete it reduces the price of an incoming iPhone. The current generation Apple SE would be below $ 500. The expected price of Apple iPhone SE 2 about €750 EUR.

Apple iPhone SE 2 Image

We still do not know what range of colors Apple would keep. If it would add some exclusive color, what does seem to have more strength of weight is the design of the current iPhone SE.

This new production line would dedicate to a future Apple iPhone SE 2. That by now we know practically nothing but whose future is back to light. Until now, it seemed that the new generation would discard. Remember that Apple could launch a new iPhone SE 2 in the middle of next year with the characteristics of the iPhone 8.

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